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Swim Academy

PLEASE NOTE: We have an OUTDOOR heated pool open during the summer months.

Meet our Pool Director:

My name is Kyle Stueber. I am the Aquatics Director for Tulsa Swim Academy at SSB kids. I am in charge of the safety and development of aquatic skills for our kids in camp and participants in our swim lesson program. I am an Oklahoma Certified Pool Operator and a Red Cross Life Guard Instructor. These certifications give me a range of knowledge on how to best manage the pool, keeping it as safe as possible for all participants.

I have loved being in and around a pool since a very young age. I was first put in a competitive swim environment at the age of 10 and I instantly I fell in love with the sport. Every race, whatever I placed, I became more & more excited about my improvement and started to develop a confidence I had previously lacked in other sports. A few of my stand-out accomplishment in swim include ranking 3rd in a Southern California State meet in 3 events. These results led me to compete at the collegiate level for California Baptist University.

After my competing years were over, I continued my journey on the pool deck by helping others succeed in the world of swim. I became the head coach of a high school while also developing a club swim team to help reach younger kids in the area. I spent 3 years coaching over 250 kids how to swim, compete, and grow as both athletes and people. In that time, I completed my credential program to become a High School teacher, but at the age of 23 I felt that I wanted to pursue my dream of using my skills in the water to save lives. I put teaching on hold and joined the United States Coast Guard to become a rescue swimmer. In my four years serving, I served as a member of a search and rescue crew in North Carolina. I also spent a considerable time training myself and a few others to prepare for the rescue swimming program. It was during this training process that I realized the depth of my passion for training people in the water. I enjoyed guiding others through their doubt and fear to see their true potential, giving them the right individual push that they needed to succeed.

After transitioning out of the USCG, our family relocated to Oklahoma and I knew I wanted to find my place in the aquatic community of Tulsa. I worked my way to become a Certified Aquatic Manager for a local fitness corporation. This led me to the opportunity at Tulsa Swim Academy! I am thrilled to have a position that allows me to share my knowledge and love for the sport with others as they develop their own confidence, skills and appreciation for swimming.

My passion for aquatics is second to my passion for people. Throughout my 10 years of coaching, my first priority has always been for the individuals I worked with to feel a personal sense of accomplishment regardless of their skill set. My wife and 2 young boys have supported me through this journey. We as a family are extremely excited to be here! Making a positive difference in people’s lives is my primary goal in life, and the best way I can do that is passing my knowledge of skills and safety around water to all who will listen!

SSB Kids! is the home of Tulsa Swim Academy. Swim lessons are held in an outdoor, gas heated pool in a  fun-filled environment. Our mission is to facilitate safety in and around the water. We also motivate student learning toward a lifetime of positive water adventure. Tulsa Swim Academy Staff are Red Cross Certified. We teach as though every child will be a swim champion.

 All teachers are Red Cross Trained

• Ratios are 5:1 plus a deck supervisor

• Pool is designed for teaching with warm water, steps, and shallow areas

• Parent viewing is encouraged


RED CROSS LEVELS 1-5: are geared for children 5 and older, independent, and toilet trained:
Level 1: “Introduction to Water” – getting face wet
Level 2: “Fundamental Aquatic Skills” – swimming 15 feet on front and back
Level 3: “Stroke Improvement 1″ – rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary back and butterfly, and treading water
Level 4: ”Stroke Improvement 2” – refining all strokes
Level 5: “Stroke Refinement” – preparation for swim team



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