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Swim Academy

SSB Kids! is the home of Tulsa Swim Academy. Swim lessons are held in an outdoor, gas heated pool in a  fun-filled environment. Our mission is to facilitate safety in and around the water. We also motivate student learning toward a lifetime of positive water adventure. Tulsa Swim Academy Staff are Red Cross Certified. We teach as though every child will be a swim champion.

 All teachers are Red Cross Trained

• Ratios are 5:1 plus a deck supervisor

• Pool is designed for teaching with warm water, steps, and shallow areas

• Parent viewing is encouraged

​Class Descriptions:
Parent / Porpoise: for ages 6 months to 2 years -11 months

Dolphins: introduction to water skills for 3-4 year old children

Dunking Dolphins: for children 4 and under who are independent in the water

Red Cross Levels 1-5: are geared for children 5 and older, independent, and toilet trained:
Level 1: “Introduction to Water” – getting face wet
Level 2: “Fundamental Aquatic Skills” – swimming 15 feet on front and back
Level 3: “Stroke Improvement 1″ – rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary back and butterfly, and treading water
Level 4: ”Stroke Improvement 2” – refining all strokes
Level 5: “Stroke Refinement” – preparation for swim teamAges 5 and up are grouped by Red Cross Skill Levels 1 – 5.​

Swim Registration 2018

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*Please note: both documents are required for enrollment in the 2018 Tulsa Swim Academy

Call 918 258-5437 to register