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Gymnastics for Kids.  SSB Kids is Gymnastics for Kids.

Gymnastics for kids is very important.  That is why SSB Kids is gymnastics for kids at the highest level of quality.

SSB Kids Gymnastics. SSB Kids is Gymnastics for Kids.

Why being a United Stated Associated of Gymnastics club member is important USA  committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all members, especially gymnastics for kids. Beginning in 2012, USA Gymnastics has provided awareness, prevention and reporting information.  Gymnastics for Kids Specifically, it is regarding misconduct to professional members, Member Clubs, and athlete members and their families through the Clubs Care and We Care campaigns.

SSB Kids Gymnastics

We are pleased to introduce the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program.  This includes gymnastics for kids information and guidance on  that occur throughout our society and youth sport. Next, USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program, which is replacing the Clubs Care.  Consequently, Care Campaigns, provides police, education, a reporting structure, and tools intended to assist our Members Clubs.  Additionally, it assists professional members, athlete parents, and athletes as we work together to promote a safe environment in .

SSB Kids Gymnastics


By Luan Peszek


Gymnastics for All is a program that is one of the eight sport disciplines officially recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation. This sport program has the largest gymnastics membership worldwide.  Also, it provides opportunities and activities for all ages and levels of abilities.

SSB Kids Gymnastics

Gymnastics for All activities contribute to the development of general sport skills.  Specifically, it helps fitness, health, important movement patterns, and daily life skills for kids.  Today, well over 30 million participants of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds are taking part in gymnastics for all activities across the world.

SSB Kids Gymnastics

These figures support the fact that  is sport for all elements of gymnastics and provides something for everyone.  Many clubs across the United States regularly participate in Gymnastics for all by hosting exhibitions, performing at local festivals, and end of year shows.

SSB Kids Gymnastics

Clubs also have the opportunity to participate in with USA Gymnastics through local national, and international events.  Each year, USA Gymnastics hosts the Gymnastics for All National Championships and GymFest.  USA Gymnastics also organizes delegations to the World Gymnastics and World Gym for Life Challenge.