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gymnastics summer camp For gymnastics at summer camp, read the information below.  First, see the important details about swimming and gymnastics at summer camp.

To:          Camp SSB KIDS! Participants

From:     Office Staff

Re:          Important Notes about Camp SSB KIDS!


We would like to share a few important notes with you to better prepare you for your upcoming camp experience:


    First of all, remember to sunscreen your children before arrival while at camp.

  • Send spray-on sunscreen, beach towel, tennis shoes, extra shorts, gymnastics clothing, goggles (optional), in addition to bug spray. Tell us know if your child does not want spray, only applicable on buggy days), sports bag, also water shoes.
  • Print your child’s name on all belongings with a permanent marker
  • Dress your child in a swimsuit (one piece or tankini for girls) or swim trunks also with gym clothes over top of them.

    Make sure campers wear a fitted t-shirt in order for easy gymnastics use.

  • Tie back hair longer than shoulder length.
  • In addition, campers in our before and aftercare KIDS FIT program will need to be picked up in our annex building located directly west of our main SSB KIDS building. The building is located in the office complex just west of us, and has a large KIDS IN Motion sign above the front door. Ring the buzzer in order for a KIDS FIT director will buzz you in. (AFTER CARE PICK-UP ONLY)

    If your child has gymnastics class and needs to be taken over to class from kids fit, please let us know at drop off.

  • Morning KIDS FIT will be dropped off in the original SSB KIDS building. (BEFORE CARE DROP-OFF ONLY)
  • Finally, lunch is available for purchase for $4.00/Day



More information:

PARENTAL CONSENT for gymnastics and swim at summer camp

I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of the above referenced activities and the Minor’s experience and capabilities. The minor is qualified to participate in such activity.  I have read the policies brochure and agree to abide by its terms. for gymnastics and swim at summer camp