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Gymnastics Lessons In Tulsa : Kid Activities

This content is made for SSB Kids.

It is summer. First, the kids are searching for things to do. Next, you were with them all day and come up with activities. Also the activities that you do are fine. A great way to get your kids out of the house is a day camp. This day camp is also held where gymnastics lessons in Tulsa are. In the day camp they have indoor activities because they have outdoor activities.

If the weather is bad, the activities will not be held outdoors. It is an extremely safe environment and also it is a nurturing environment. This program is by Priscilla Godi, owner of SSB Kids. Get more information at 918-258-5437.

In every camp, you can find multiple activities. Some of these activities include tumbling, sports, trampoline, and giant water slides. There are many different experience staff there. They are all trained in CPR and first aid. Each staff member have a passion for helping kids. There is a high percentage of returning stuff at this company.

The returning staff says a lot. It says a lot because this company is so great to work for. They treat their staff amazing. Additionally, hey treat the kids even more amazing. It is the best places for gymnastics lessons in Tulsa.

SSB Kids:

Your child has a couple different options for the day camp. One option is to only come for one camp. They also have the option to take part all season. Also, they will love this summer if you bring them to this gym. They will love you for sending them to the day camp. If you go to the website there is an option on the navigation bar. The option on the navigation bar is labeled camps.

When you click on the link that says camps, you will find information about day camps. They already have the itinerary for each camp. Summer camps are from 9 AM to 2:55 PM. During this time it is packed full of activities. It is similar to their gymnastics lessons in Tulsa.

Consequently, they have exercises to open up the group. During the opening exercises, everybody will have the chance to get to know each other. After the opening exercises, they will have a morning workout stretch. This morning workout stretch will last about 15 minutes. Next on the list, is a rotation gym and swim. This is for about two hours. When they’re done swimming, it is time for the encouraging word of the day.

Tumbling too:

This time also includes singing songs. Also, at noon they will have lunch. Lunch will last for 30 minutes. By the time lunch is done, they have the opportunity for free time. At 12:30 they can also rest and have group activities. Next, an hour from then, they have swim time. At 2:55 they do a song and closing. On this page you can find the link to register for the year of 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to send your kid to the greatest company for a summer camp.

Another option they have is a spring break camp. The ages must be 3 to 12 years old. All kids must be fully potty trained in order to participate in this camp. They have different themes and the schedule can change. Consequently, the time of the spring break camp is 9 AM to 2:55 PM. You can find the flier on the SSB Kids website. It is owned by Priscilla Godi and their phone number is 918-258-5437.

Gymnastics Lessons In Tulsa : Kids Grow Everyday.

This content is made for SSB Kids.

Do your kids need somewhere to go for a day camp? Additionally, they have a birthday coming up and want something fun to do? Also, do you need to teach your kids how to swim? If you are kids need any type of training, bring them to a gym. The best gym for gymnastics lessons in Tulsa has a great reputation. You want the people that teach your kids to have experience and passion. Next, the staff is dedicated to teaching your kid how to grow. SSB Kids is a great company created by Priscilla Godi. Contact them at 918-258-5437.

If you are not a fan of calling, go to their website. Additionally, if you Google the company’s name it will be the first one that shows up. When you go to the homepage, they have a deal that is only one dollar for your first session. Who would not want to try a great program for your kids for only one dollar? it would be crazy not to take advantage of this special that they have.

First, The navigation bar has six different options. If you are still questioning whether this is a great gym, click on testimonials. This is the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. When you click on testimonials, it will show a little girl about to do a cartwheel. Next, the best way to find out about a company is to look at reviews. The reviews will tell you a lot about the company.

Fun Gymnastics:

On the testimonial page you will find three videos. These three videos are testimonials from different people. Another option you can click on the website is parties. When you click parties, there is a little girl on a blow up dolphin. They are swimming in the pool. On the party page, you can find me a price for a party. For a 90 minute party, it is only $280. The birthday girl for free.

There are many different things involved in the party. One of the things involved is in inflatable jump. Many kids love the inflatable jumpy because they can bounce up-and-down. There is also a trampoline jumping. They also include gymnastics, giant size, and obstacle courses. Included in this price is pizza and drinks as well. There is a link to register at the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. Things included are balloons, paper goods, and a colorful party room.

There is a non refundable deposit for a birthday party. The non refundable deposit is $100. This deposit is due at time of reservation. You will find the best birthday place for your kids here. Consequently, our kids will love you for the rest of the year.

This company creates fun for your kids. The staff is very friendly in addition to is extremely helpful. It is a fantastic company because the owner has a passion to help kids. Your kids will learn life lessons they will carry for the rest of their lives. Come check out SSB Kids by Priscilla Godi. Chat with them at 918-258-5437.