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Best Gymnastics Lessons In Tulsa: Fun For Everyone.

This content is written for SSB Kids.

First, uou want your kids to be involved in activities. When your kids are involved in activities, they are active. First, if they’re active, they are healthy. Therefore, you want your kids to be happy because healthy kids live a great life. Let your kids be active. Second, your kids meet new friends. Also, your kids be pushed at the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. Let your kids develop skill, and they will develop life lessons. You will want them to develop life lessons. The place to find all of this is SSB Kids owned by Priscilla Godi. To reach them, call 918-258-5437.

Who we are:

There are many different programs for your kid. The program your kid is placing, is determined by their age. First, their age will put them in the right program. The youngest child can be one years of age because at the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. We will have a lot of fun. They will love to come because our children will develop skills. There are about 10 different programs that are involved with this companytherefore hese programs are for the age of your child. The first program is called parent tot because it iis for toddlers  age 12 months to 32 months.

Therefore, This class is here to develop their motor skills while having fun. They will learn how to pay attention, and also learn how to listen. You will have a new little jumper. Additionally, you will have a new little Tumbler. The corporate trampolines, beams, in many bars. Will be the best experience for your little one. The parents are encouraged to get involved. When the parents are involved additionally it will increase the family bond.

More Information:

You want to increase the bond with your child. Therefore, when they are older than 32 months, they will be enrolled in the blue frog speak in her class. This class is for ages 3 to 5 years old, which is for the beginner gymnast. It is to develop the gymnast skills early. It includes activities. First, It teaches them how to listen and pay attention, and it is  for new little tumblers. They continue to have more independence at the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. In this age, the parents are also involved because are involved because the coach is encouraging. The coaches encourage parents to be involved. You will have so much fun with your child. Also, your child will be so excited to play with you.


Let your kids do an activity. Be involved in your child’s activities. Have fun with them. They will have fun with you. Next, they will be excited with the activities. They will want to go back to the classes, and also they will look forward to it every week. In addition, they love meeting new friends. Finally, they will probably meet their new best friend. You might meet a new mom friend. It is a great place to find community.

You will get the best activities for your kids. They will have a lot of fun. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for them. The owner, Priscilla Godi, has built an amazing company called SSB Kids. You can reach them at 918-258-5437.

Best Gymnastics Lessons In Tulsa: Fun For Kids.

This content is written for SSB Kids.

Do your kids need to be involved in activities? A healthy kid does activities. In activity can be anything involving active. Let your kid be active, and also your kid have fun. Come to this place for your kid to have fun. Meet other parents. Have your kids meet other children. Let your kids make friends. Take your kids to the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. You will not be disappointed. The best place to burn off energy is SSB Kids. The owner, Priscilla Godi, is passionate about reaching you at 918-258-5437.

Our Gym:

There are many different programs your kids can attend. It does not matter what age your kids are. Bring all of them for activities. Therefore times are probably going to be different. If you have a child that is age 10 and over, they can attend the team tumble class. First, this is for teenagers that are 10 and over. Therefore they must be able to complete a round off in order to be in this class. It is mainly a tumbling and trampoline class. This will help your gymnast develop roundoff. Second, you’re a gymnast to develop walk overs. Furthermore, this will help your gymnast be good at hand springs. This will help your gymnast to become great at jumps. Don ‘t miss the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa.

SSB Kids:

Your kids will learn many different activities in this kind of class. They will learn how to listen as well as will enjoy themselves. It will be a fun activity or them because it teaches them to grow.  You want your kids to grow. You want them to learn life lessons. Bring them here to learn life lesson. They will learn how to be disciplined while become physically strong. Another class you’re a kid can attend is for the age 8 and over. This class is the best gymnastics lessons in Tulsa. The running tumbling mats dentistry a solid round off.


This round up must be accompanied with a backhand spring. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because they will learn connections of multiple back handsprings. Additionally, they will learn connections of multiple flips. Therefore, class will also include standing tumbling. It is encouraged to attend this class twice a week, while they want you to participate twice a week in this program. Finally, another program is called boys rec.

This program is for young athletes, also it is for boys. The requirement is that you participate twice a week. Therefore if you participate twice a week then your child to master the skills. This is for ages six and older. You want your gymnast to learn how to be competitive in order for want your gymnast to be competitive, bring them twice a week to participate.

They will love it here because they have fun. They will become competitive gymnasts, also they want to come back. Participate twice a week. More participation means greater skills. The owner, Priscilla Godi, loves to teach kids. You can call SSB Kids at 918-258-5437.