SSB Kids! Multisport Complex

1st in Oklahoma!

SSB Kids! is a 20,000 square foot, state of the art, air conditioned mult-sport center. We have something for the whole family including gymnastics, cheer, power tumbling, trampoline, boys gymnastics, dance and karate. Birthday parties, camps, preschool and a salon area also housed in the facility. Stop by the "Cartwheel Canteen" to quench your thirst or answer that rumble in your stomach.

ssb facility

SSB Kids! History

SSB Kids! began in the heart of a school teacher, Priscilla Godi. Her goal was to use sports as a tool to build “Faith, character, physical discipline and confidence” in today’s youth 

Priscilla was a gymnast and track runner in her youth. In college she earned a B.A in Recreation and Elementary Education. Priscilla’s great success in the public school classroom was largely due to her passion to keep children active while facilitating a “love for learning”.
In 1991, Priscilla started an after school gymnastics program in her backyard. The garage was converted into a tiny gym and the lot became home to several trampolines. After small beginnings, 75 children came weekly to learn gymnastics. The children were so committed that they often shoveled snow from the trampolines before starting their workouts.

As the neighbors began to protest the crowds and the gym became a full-time effort, the next move was to open a gym at the Fontana Shopping Center and resign from teaching school. Shortly after becoming a full-time coach, Priscilla met her husband, Mitchell. Mitchell’s background in sports and psychology compelled him to join SSB Kids! and develop a competition team.  He was also dedicated to nurturing and training athletes in gymnastics and in life.
After expanding several times, the Godi’s built SSB Kids! current home; a two-story, 20,000 square foot Multi-Sports Center in 2006. The state-of-the-art sports center has expanded beyond a gymnastics facility and is now the home of gymnastics, day camps, dance, karate, parties and an educational school, “Kids In Motion Academy”.

In 2011, Priscilla earned her Principal’s certificate and now directs “Kids In Motion Academy”, where every child participates in classroom education and gymnastics daily. Mitchell directs T3, one of the largest and strongest trampoline and tumbling teams in the nation. The Godi’s have trained 10 Junior Olympic USAG National Champions in their careers and helped place numerous athletes on the national podium. 

SSB Kids! has a dedicated and diversified staff who help carry out and continue the program’s mission each day. The staff has grown from Priscilla in her backyard to a team of 25 coaches and teachers.  The number of students attending weekly has also blossomed from 1 to over 1,000 children ages 2 and up. Although Priscilla never dreamed her desire to help children would become the thriving program it is today, her original goal is still SSB Kids! primary mission today: using sports as a tool to build “Faith, character, physical discipline and confidence” in today’s youth.